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Welcome to Engine Nine

Nov 12, 2010 at 12:36 PM
Hi all,

As our team has started to grow, I'd like to take the chance to introduce our team members so everybody gets familar with each other.

To get started, with the help from two of my college classmates, Biping Meng (Liml) and Yang Yang (alphabet820), I have created the realtime strage game Isles, from where Engine Nine was born. You can tell from the names that we are all from China, and my name is Yufei Huang.

Mahdi Khodadadi Fard (mahdi3466) had done some crazy modifications of Isles, he is also the creator a very polished Xna Graphics Engine called Hilva XNA Graphics Engine ( He is from Iran. After several tries, I still didn't figure out how to pronouce his middle name, guess you'll have some difficulties pronoucing my name too.

Amer Koleci (amerthebest) is the creator of Alimer Engine ( I love the look n feel of the editor, and he is from Italy.

Jemmy Xiao is another Chinese tester that had some experience with web development, but he is just as ethusiastic about game development as you do.

Brando Jones , joined the team several minutes ago, would also love to help wherever possible.

In case you haven't, subscribe to the project mailing list by log in and turn on Email notifications on the right side of the main discussion page, detailed instructions can be found at:
We'll use the mailing list to communicate and discuss everything related to the project from now on.

BTW, anybody writes an instruction on how to setup the full cycle build evironment on the Documentation page?

Thanks and Cheers!