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Animation Issues

Nov 11, 2011 at 4:20 AM

Been working with animations some more. There is a lot of clever stuff, but I've run into a couple of issues. Suggestions for consideration.

1. TimelineAnimation ability to AutoPause (rather than complete).

This is for the situation where you want to be able to play an animation forwards and backwards, but don't want to use autoreverse. With this option an animation that reaches the end of its range (including Repeat != 0) would simply pause, and could be resumed again, either in the same direction or in reverse, with or without a prior Seek.

2. TimelineAutomation nembers of SequentialAnimation to seek to start position and then pause, rather than be left as stopped.

If you play a sequential animation, each member does a Seek(0) as it starts to play. In many cases it would be better for them all to reset to the starting position at the beginning, instead of one at a time. A solution might be for all members of an SA to be set into Pause state and Seek(0), rather than just being ignored until their turn comes.

3. Debugging is hard!

Currently it is really hard to debug complex animations. One solution would be to build some logging or other instrumentation into the code. Suggestions?