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Application Model

Engine Nine is easy to integrate, powerful and extensible. Here is the illustration showing the high level components and layers of each module:




Detailed designs on each individual components will be discussed in corresponding sections accordingly.

Layered Architecture

Each component in the framework layer can be integrated into existing games easily. Instead of providing a one-thing-for-all solution, Engine Nine allows you to use only a subset of the features required by your game. We also provide a game layer build on top of our framework to handle common game related tasks, so you don’t have to build everything from the ground up when starting a new game.

Separation of Graphics and Game Logic

The typical problems when you mix graphics code with game logic is when your project starts to grow, it becomes extremely difficult to manage the coupling of your game entities, especially when the entities needs to be saved to a file or synchronized though the network.

Engine Nine separates the appearance of game objects from its internal game logic. You can create a view template and assign it to a game object, the graphics system will render your game objects onto the screen so you can focus on your game logic.

The same philosophy also applies to physics, path finding and networking. Your game objects only needs to maintain the code for game logic, as long as you have configured the game object correctly, we’ll do the physics, network synchronization and in-game save load for you.

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