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Install From Source Code

Building the Engine Nine source code requires the following prerequisites:

  1. Xna Game Studio 4.0
  2. Visual Studio 2011 Express or Higher
  3. Managed DirectX Redistributables (included under the Installer/Redist folder of the source)

There are two ways to build Engine Nine source code, Visual Studio build and Command line build.

Visual Studio Build

Visual Studio build is the method used to build Engine Nine source code right inside visual studio, the build process takes full advantage of visual studio. Visual Studio build only produces the output assemblies, it does not build documentations and installers. It cannot register the tools and assemblies needed to develop the Engine Nine either.

If you are just using Engine Nine, visual studio should suffice. To build from visual studio:

  1. Download the latest source code of Engine Nine from
  2. Open and build Framework/Nine.sln
  3. Locate and add the output binaries at References/x86
    1. Add reference to Nine, Nine.Graphics, Nine.Game in your Xna game project.
    2. Add reference to Nine.Content.Pipeline in your Xna content project

Command Line Build

Command line build is the build process that build the final retail MSI installer. Besides the binaries, it also builds the samples,packs the samples, builds the installer and register the tools needed to develop Engine Nine.

In order to fully build Engine Nine from command line, the following additional prerequisites are required:

  1. SandCastle Help File Builder
  2. Windows Installer Xml

To build from command line

  1. Download the latest source code of Engine Nine from
  2. Open Build folder in windows explorer
  3. Right click Build.bat and select Run As Administrator

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