Engine Nine is the most popular open source XNA game engine that allows you to create amazing 2D and 3D games in C#. It runs on Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and Silverlight. Licensed under the unrestrictive MS-PL, it is completely free to use with your commercial or non-commercial applications.

PM> Install-Package Nine


To get started, read the tutorials and documentations. See what other people have said about Engine Nine:

Engine Nine

“Engine Nine is breathtaking” –Nelxon



Engine Nine

“You are doing some very ingenious architecture work” –TombstonedGuy



  • Platforms
    • Runs natively on Windows, Zune, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7.
    • Runs natively on web browser using Silverlight 5 (Work in Progress).
    • Can be ported to iOS, android though Mono (Future).
    • XAML based content authoring.
  • Graphics
    • 2D sprite, sprite animations and text rendering.
    • Support both forward & deferred lighting
    • Support directional light, point light and spot light.
    • Support shadow mapping and normal mapping.
    • Build-time shader linkage from fragments.
    • Terrain splatting and level of details.
    • Flexible particle system effects and soft particles.
    • Basic primitives: box, sphere, teapot, axis, arrow, point, line, grid.
    • Extensible post processing framework.
    • Built-in high dynamic range, bloom effect, depth of field and blur effect.
  • Animations
    • Skeleton animation, animation blending and custom animation controllers.
    • Full support for Xbox Live Avatar.
    • Transition system for creating smoothed tweening.
  • Physics
    • BEPUPhysics integration.




Engine Nine is free to download, use and modify. If you find it useful, you can donate via PayPal or:

Click here to lend your support to: Engine Nine and make a donation!


Thanks for the donations from:

  • Tobias Lawrenz
  • Jan Kondelík

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