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Coordinate System

Engine Nine uses the standard right handed coordinate system to represent 3D world. The X axis points to the right, the Y axis points upward and the Z axis points outside the screen.


Engine Nine comes with 3 built-in 3D cameras:


Free Camera

FreeCamera is a freely moving camera, that moves the way you are facing. The position of the camera is controlled with W, S, A, D keys. Z and X keys controls the Y axis. Hold down the Left Shift key it make the camera move into precise mode. On Xbox it is just use left thumb stick to move and the right thumb stick to look around. Move speed and turn speed of the camera can be changed with the Speed and TurnSpeed  parameter.


Model Viewer Camera

ModelViewerCamera represents a camera that orbits around the given object. It is suitable for viewing a single sphere shaped object. Use the wheel button to zoom in and out. Hold the right mouse button to change the view angle.


Bird-Eye Camera

BirdEyeCamera provides a bird-eye view of the scene. Use the right mouse button the pan the camera. Use the wheel button to zoom in and out. Hold down the mouse middle button to rotation the camera.

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Igauga Jul 11, 2013 at 12:41 PM 
Hi, could you please explain how to move camera with touches? It seems there are always left mouse events occurs in windows phone if I use Input component.