Particle System

Particle systems can be used to simulate a wide range of special effect such as rain, fire, snow, etc.. ParticleEffect class provides a handy way to create and manipulate particle effects.


<ParticleEffect Texture="{ContentReference Assets/flake}">
        <PointEmitter Emission="100" Speed="1 ~ 2" />


Particle Emitters

A particle effect will always have an emitter that determines how each new particle is created. An emitter typically derives from the ParticleEmitter class. The Emission property determines how many new particles will be created in a second. The Lifetime property defines how long will the whole particle system last. The Duration  property defines a range of durations for each particle. The EmitCount property represents how much particles will be created on startup. The Color, Size, Speed and Rotation determines the initial properties of the emitted particle. Engine Nine provides the following particle emitters:

Screenshot 0012 Screenshot 0014 Screenshot 0016 Screenshot 0017
PointEmitter BoxEmitter SphereEmitter CylinderEmitter


Particle Controllers

A particle controller controls how each particle changes based on time. A particle system can have several controllers that acts on each particle simultaneously. Engine Nine provides the following particle controllers:

ColorController Adjust the end color of each particle.
RotationController Adjust the end rotation of each particle.
SizeController Adjust the end size of each particle.
SpeedController Adjust the end speed of each particle.
FadeController Make each particle fade in and out.
ForceController Apply a linear force on each particle.
TangentForceController Apply a tangent force on each particle.


2D Particle

Particle system can also be used 2D games. When used with a Camera2D, the 3D particle system will be automatically rendered in 2D space.

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